Eco-Essential Pen (Pilot-G2 Edition) is available to order NOW !

We got many requests from Eco Pen owners, they fed back an alternative refill – especially the larger size ink – would be desired. We also like this idea, and strived to realize them. The team investigated numerous options, until we discovered Pilot-G2 ! 

Instead of making a new housing, we found solution in a tailor-made spring, which plugs right into current Eco Pen and works beautifully.
So now, we'd like to share with you: Eco-Essential Pen has been adapted to work with Pilot-G2 cartridge !


< G2 >
- sturdy tip ; easier on english writing
- 0.5mm / 0.7 mm / 1.0mm

< Hi-Tec-C >

- fine micro-tip ; great on superfine to calligraphy / artsy
- 0.25mm ~ 0.5mm, lots of colors !

This G2-Edition Pen Set has included Nib-tip, Flat-tip, Color Rings, and one 0.7mm G2 cartridge (if you prefer 1.0mm, kindly drop us a note and we’ll switch ink in that case). Another simple way is ordering compatible-kits, thus your Eco Pen would be dancing with Hi-Tec-C & G2 as your wish!

While you install G2 compatible-kits, please put the "spring" into your pen barrel first, and then insert G2 cartridge further. And if you’d like to switch the ink from G2 back to Hi-Tec-C refill, please remove the spring instead. The length of G2 cartridge is shorter than Hi-Tec-C’s, that’s why we use a spring to offset the gap.